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Provides image overlay functionality for IP cam images.

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This package was developed to compensate for the lack of image overlay capabilities of some less sophisticated IP cameras. It takes the original image as uploaded by the camera from the web server and uses the GD library to modify the image on the fly before displaying it to the website visitor.



A basic approach at using this package could look like this:

namespace randomhost\Image\Webcam;

require_once '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

// get WebcamOverlay instance
$overlay = new Overlay();

// set basic webcam image properties

// render image

This will instantiate the class, set the name of the uploaded webcam image and just render it without any overlay.

Assuming that you named this file webcam.php, you should now be able to access your webcam image at

A more detailed example can be found in src/www/webcam/index.php.


See LICENSE.txt for full license details.