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Provides Icinga check commands for Minecraft.

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This package provides Icinga check commands for Minecraft.


PlayerCount is currently the only available check but more may follow in the future.

Player count

Checks the amount of players on the server.

Usage example

namespace randomhost\Icinga\Check\Minecraft;

require_once '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

use randomhost\Minecraft\Status as MinecraftStatus;

$mcStat = new MinecraftStatus();

$check = new PlayerCount($mcStat);

echo $check->getMessage();

This will instantiate the PlayerCount class for the Minecraft server and check the amount of players currently connected to the server.

Command line parameters

Parameter Description
--host Minecraft server IP address or hostname
--port Query port
--thresholdWarning Threshold to trigger the WARNING state
--thresholdCritical Threshold to trigger the CRITICAL state


See LICENSE.txt for full license details.